March 12th, 2010, 10:50 pm

13 im getting my @$$ handed to me...!

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kay osse, March 12th, 2010, 10:50 pm

all done!

i meant for this text to be on the last page, but it felt better to put it here. at least with this page, i'm almost caught up. i need todays page and im good.

ANYWAYS! if your not sure where the mega updates begin, try HERE

If you're a new reader, welcome! i dont bite :)


you may also have noticed that i am drawing in pure black and white. i didnt like the way the grey markers scanned, so i stopped using them, but if a few people think i should continue with them, then i shall.

i do plan on making more detailed linearts now that theres no shading or toning.


I added next/last buttons. it was starting to bug me, too.

i wasnt feeling it with that page. also, the paper was just horrendus quality (i fixed that)

Theres a reason that i havent really mentioned those: first off, neither are the type to really want to announce their names, and second, they will both have something to say about the others name that would just be wierd while theyre fighting. so ya. next chapter. names.

And thank you! that i do :)

rainysidewalks: Thanks! but i dropped the greys.... im still trying to get the shiny look, cuz i love shiny hair.

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