February 9th, 2010, 4:37 pm

I'm Back! (author comment plz)

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plz read ze author comment!

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kay osse, February 8th, 2010, 7:49 pm


Didja read the news?

...no o'course not. who reads da news? (i'll just copy it here:)

It's been a while, hasnt it? Didja miss me? Well guess what? i'm back! I sorta stopped using the internet for a loooooong while... there was a reason, but i have the memory of a goldfish, so i'm not sure what it was :(

But never fear! darkness crusade is here! I made the layout all snazzy and cool, and am now working on the new cover. I have deleted all those eyesores I once called pages, and am now begining the final draft of my baby, Darkness Crusade. (btw, check out the new description. it makes sense now!)

this is a third of the cover of the return of DARKNESS CRUSADE! MWAHAHAHA! i gave ya'all a sneak peak. when i'm done i'll make a new site banner and link banner thing out of it.

can you tell i took a picture instead of actually scanning it? i recently got big paper, and it doesnt fit in mah scanner. i'm gonna do all important things on the big paper so i can really get those details in. look at the sword hilt!!! LOOK!

and lastly... a question. What would everyone prefer- a proluge, or skip straight to the story? What is more fun to read, serious sprophecy stuffs, or funny story stuffs? The stuff that I'd put in the proluge would be explained in the course of the comic either way, so... What would those 40 fans who've been hanging around for like a year prefer?

...and here is a rough sketch i scrapped. i was trying to draw the cover, but i didnt like this sketch for it. but i did like the sketch... especially the expression. its still not perfect but i like where its going.

I'll put it up in the art gallery, along with the cover lineart. Arynn looks all nakey, but heres a LINK to it.

So comment! oh yah... and i'm asking for an editor... you wouldnt need to do much, you'd see the pages early and check for consistency and spelling and such... simple job really.

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kay osse, February 9th, 2010, 4:35 pm


Also, i plan to split my author comments into three parts. i'm doing this out of expirience: sometimes, i have to wad throught some peoples boring personal life just to find tidbits of interesting knowledge about their comic and characters. other times, i generally care about the persons life but i now have to wade through their bitching. so now their will be three convenient columns, Comic, Life, and Bitching. just so ya know :)

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pkjo2, February 10th, 2010, 4:50 pm

DC's back! I kinda agree with someunknowndude. I'd want a short prologue.