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Darkness Crusade

A group of teenagers find out they may be the last chance theyre world has to be saved from the Queen of Light, a heartless woman who nearly destroyed their country 3,000 years ago. She has been reincarnated into this era, and now they must revive the Last King of Darkness, the one who stood against her in the Great War, to even stand a chance of defeating her wrath. Action/Fantasy Rated PG, but likely to be changed to PG13 once the real fighting starts. *note: If you are one of my old readers, no the comic hasnt changed. I'm just giving you more information*


I'm back!

Hello, old fans of Darkness Crusade! It's been a while, hasnt it? Well guess what? i'm back! I sorta stopped using the internet for a loooooong while... there was a reason, but i have the memory of a goldfish, so i'm not sure what it was :(

But never fear! darkness crusade is here! I made the layout all snazzy and cool, and am now working on the new cover. I have deleted all those eyesores I once called pages, and am now begining the final draft of my baby, Darkness Crusade.

and lastly... a question. What would everyone prefer- a proluge, or skip straight to the story? What is more fun to read, serious sprophecy stuffs, or funny story stuffs? The stuff that I'd put in the proluge would be explained in the course of the comic either way, so... What would those 40 fans who've been hanging around for like a year prefer?

posted by kay osse @ February 7th, 2010, 12:56 pm  -  1 comments

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